Givefinity is a generosity focused social media platform
for people and organizations who want to make a difference.

Givefinity for Individuals

Givefinity is designed to help people champion their cause, while monitoring the positive stories of others who share similar passions. It also allows individuals to track their volunteer hours, financial gifts, or in-kind donations.

  • Champion Your Cause

    Post events and your experiences. Share your story about how you’re getting involved within your community, and read how others are doing the same. Raise money for the organizations you’re passionate about, and help bring more awareness to those in need.

  • Organize Your Hours & Giving

    Keep everything in one place. Track your volunteer hours across the multiple things you’re doing, and manage your donations whether financial or in-kind.

Givefinity for Organizations

Givefinity is designed to help organizations manage the complexities of building awareness, increase funding, and leverage their existing network.

  • Drive Engagement

    Connect with your supporters and recipients, and interact in an organic and authentic way. Join and take advantage of a community focused on generosity.

  • Build Awareness

    Share how you’re making an impact on the community. Link stories together so your volunteer-partners can see the whole picture of the difference your organization is making. Showcase the experiences that your organization wants paramount with Givefinity Featured Stories.

  • Enable Social Champions

    Post events and share needs. Not only will people be able to mobilize for your event, your organization will be able to follow your volunteers’ stories. Let those that are impacted by your organization tell your story. With less effort, you will be able to see the effect of your mission in action.